Is it possible to submit a form without internet connection?

You need to have stable connection to submit a form.

How to add a document to a folder?

Make a long tap/click on the document on the Forms screen. Drag the document over a folder, to which it should be added.

How to create a group of objects?

Tap/click on the object to select it. Make one more tap/click to open context menu. A tap/click on the Group button will switch on grouping mode. Tap/click the needed objects, which are on the page, to add them to the group. The objects, added to the group have index (G) in the right upper corner of each object. A figure after G shows number of the group. Tap/click on the empty place on the page to finish grouping.

How to add an object to a ready connection?

A tap/click on an object will select it. One more tap/click will open a context menu. A tap/click on a ready linking will add the selected object to the end of the connection.

How to delete an object from the connection (Text, Input)?

Tap/click the connected object to select it. One more tap/click will open a context menu. Choose Disconnect. You can choose either to Disconnect all objects, or to extract a selected object. If you choose to delete a selected object, the whole connection will be rearranged.

How to enter Formula mode in the table (ios)?

Type “=” in needed table cell to enter Formula mode.

How to turn on Photos access (ios)?

To turn on Photos access, go to Settings>Privacy>Photos, and set Nexticy switched to On.

How to use PDF file in creator mode?

Open any PDF file in Nexticy. Press “Use in creator” button in an Import window. You can use your PDF file either as a background for your form (by adding fillable fields over the background) or as a template for new CDX form.